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Receiving Payment

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Presenting Peery Academy and the ppp service to your Students
Q: How do I present Peery Academy and the ppp service to my students?
A: Peery Academy recommends you follow the three 'Be's in presenting the ppp service to your students. Namely: Be Confident, Be Positive, and Be Brief.

1. Be Confident. Peery Academy will improve the professionalism of your studio and accordingly will improve the effectiveness of your teaching. The introduction letter that Peery Academy sends you to give to your students will be enough information for most students and parents. Your conviction to run your studio in the most professional manner and confidence that Peery Academy will positively affect all members of your studio will set an appropriately firm tone, and in turn will inspire your students.

2. Be Positive. The application fee for all Peery Academy events and services are included in the student fee, in the same way professional teachers include many activities in their tuition rate Emphasize the aspects of Peery Academy that your students will appreciate: ease and convenience (no more payments to remember, one less check to write), studio calendar and policy information online, student competitions and performance opportunities, frequent flyer miles...

3. Be Brief. Take as little lesson time as possible talking about Peery Academy. If your students have questions after reading the letter refer them to the website or have them call or email us. Remember, running a professional and effective private studio is not a democracy. Students will be excited about the change to using Peery Academy if you are firm in your leadership role as their teacher and are excited about the change yourself.


Receiving Payment
Q: How will I receive payment?
A: Teachers are paid via direct deposit into the account of their choice. Payments are distributed on the 15th of each month. Teachers receive the monthly payout amount they enter.

Q: When will I start receiving payments?
A: Peery Academy will begin to collect from your students on the first day of the month following their registration. Payments are distributed to teachers on the 15th of each month.

  Q:How do I begin using Peery Academy when my current semester ends in the middle of the Peery Academy quarter and my students have already paid me for the current semester?
A: You have two options:
  1. You may enter a credit to cover lessons your students have already paid for so they won’t be double billed. For example: My semester runs from January thru April. I want to start using Peery Academy in March. My old semester fee is $800 (4 months), the Peery Academy quarterly fee is $600 (three months). Because my students had already paid thru April (1 overlapping month) I issued each student a credit for $200. As a result their first bill from Peery Academy will be for $400 instead of $600 and will cover lessons thru May.
  2. You may complete your current semester and start using Peery Academy in the middle of the next Peery Academy quarter. Peery Academy automatically pro-rates the first bill when a student begins using Peery Academy in the middle of a quarter.
  Q: What information about my account with Peery Academy is available online?
A: Online you may view pending charges and credits, payment history, and your expected monthly disbursement in the ‘Teacher Account’ section of ppp.
  Q: Will I ever receive a paper statement from Peery Academy?
A: No. But you will recieve the pertinant tax information such as a 1099 or W2 that you will need for filing your tax return.
  Collecting Payment from Students
Q: What if my student doesn’t pay Peery Academy?
A: If Peery Academy is unable to collect from a student we will give both the teacher and the student notification via email and/or telephone call that payment has not been made. The student then has 10 days to complete payment. If the student fails to rectify his account the teacher and the student will be notified via email and the student will be dropped from the service.
  Q: Can I use ppp for competition and festival fees?
A: Yes. ppp gives teachers the option of entering miscellaneous fees and credits. The student will be charged on the 1st day of the month following submission.
  Q: Can I use ppp to charge my students for materials that I buy for them?
A: Absolutely. ppp gives teachers the option of entering miscellaneous fees and credits. The student will be charged on the 1st day of the month following submission.
  Q: I like to give family discounts. How do I do this using ppp?
A: Giving family discounts, scholarships or any other sort of price break is easy with ppp. ppp allows teachers to enter miscellaneous fees and credits along with a description. The credit will show up on the student’s next billing cycle. If the discount is recurring, as in the case of a scholarship, enter the scholarship (custom) rate in the Rates section of ppp and assign the rate to the applicable student. You can choose to show special rates on your policy or keep them private.
What information do I need to register with Peery Academy?
A: To register you need your personal information (address, phone number, email) and the routing and account numbers for the account in which you will be receiving payment. To begin using Peery Academy, you will need to enter the name, address, phone number, and email address (optional) for each of your students.
  Q: How long will it take to set up my studio to use ppp?
A: Setup is designed to be simple and quick. It takes about a minute or two per student (depending on how fast you type!), and 5-10 minutes to enter your policy information and tuition rates.
Q: In the policy template, what does 'Student Development' mean?
A: Student development includes activities such as choosing repertoire, researching competitions, or other out-of-class time spent on behalf of the student.
  How Peery Academy and ppp Work
Q: How will I know when my student has registered?
A: You can check your students’ registration status online in real time. Students that have not registered will have an asterik by their name in your student roster. Peery Academy recommends that you check your student's registration status often until all students have registered with Peery Academy.
  Q: Why does Peery Academy bill by the quarter?
A: Peery Academy is committed to serving the music teacher. This entails following industry trends and practices. It is becoming common practice among private teachers to bill for periods of time longer than a lesson or month. Teachers are doing this for a number of reasons:
  1. Increased student commitment
  2. Steady income
  3. More accurately reflects what the teacher is offering. A teacher’s time is spent in numerous areas outside of a student’s lesson time: phone calls, research, driving to music stores, practicing, writing up policies and recital programs, etc etc. The way you bill should reflect this.
  4. Supports another common practice among music teachers: no make-ups for student cancellations. If students pay quarterly they are more inclined to stop counting the number of lessons they receive and realize they are paying for a membership in a learning environment with a weekly time slot set aside specifically for them rather than a set number of lessons.
  Q: How long is a quarter?
A: A quarter is three months long.

Fall quarter: September-November

Winter quarter: December-February

Spring quarter: March-May

Summer quarter: June-August

If you are currently running on a semester or yearly system, you can keep your system as is. The way Peery Academy bills will not affect your current system

  Q: What if I don’t teach for two months in the summer? Will my students continue to be billed?
A: Peery Academy will only bill your students according to what information you enter. If you plan on taking time off or miss lessons for any reason that you would rather not get paid for instead of making up, simply submit a credit and amount in the ‘fees and credits’ section of ppp. A credit will then be issued to the student accordingly. You may also choose to enter a summer tuition rate that is different than your regular tuition rate to use during the summer quarter (June-August).
  Q: What if a student drops from the studio?
A: When a student drops from the studio it is their responsibility to cancel their service with us. Teachers may also remove their student's by removing students from their roster. Student's are billed through the end of the month in which the cancellation is received. Teacher's will receive email notification upon student cancellation. Upon removal from a teacher, student's will receive written and email notification that they have been removed from the studio.
  Q: What if my student doesn’t agree with a service for which they have been charged?
A: If a student is charged for something or for an amount that they don’t understand or agree with, the student may submit a grievance to Peery Academy through our Process Integrity Program (pip). Upon receipt of the grievance Peery Academy will notify the teacher via email and phone. If the grievance pertains to something other than a data entry error, Peery Academy will credit the student the amount in question. Three grievances from a student will result in a termination of services with Peery Academy. Grievances against a teacher over three within an 18 month period, will result in a $25 fee to the teacher per grievance.
  Q: Can I use ppp for just a few students to try it out before I switch my whole studio over?
A: You may register as many or as few students as you would like. It’s entirely up to you.
Q: How much does it cost for teachers to use the ppp service?
A: The fee for using ppp is only $2 per month. This fee is withheld monthly from your payment distribution so you won’t ever need to send in a payment. And remember, the fee is completely tax deductible!
  Q: Why is the amount listed in the rate table different than the Monthly Payout amount I entered?
A: The amount shown is the quarterly amount your students will pay. It includes tuition for three months and the Peery Academy student side membership fee which is 4% of the Monthly Payout amount you enter. You will be paid the Monthly Payout amount you entered each and every month regardless of how your student chooses to pay. Your students have the option of paying once a quarter or once a month.



Q: How will I be billed for lessons?
A: You have three billing options: credit or debit card and direct debit. All are recurring charges. This means once you set up your account you never have to worry about it again!
  Q: Can I view my billing statement online?
A: Yes. Students may view in real time the description and amount of each upcoming charge, the date and amount of pending charges and credits, and their payment history.
  Q: How are credits applied?
A: Credits are applied to your Peery Academy account. The credit be applied on the next billing cycle. For example, if you pay by quarter you will receive the credit at the beginning of the next quarter when you are billed again.
  Q: How do I set up my account with Peery Academy?
A: Once your teacher has submitted your name and address to Peery Academy you will receive your first bill and an informative letter from your teacher within 5-7 business days. This bill will contain all the information you need to set up your account (username, password, etc). Simply go online and sign in. Once you have signed in you can change your username and password to whatever you would like as well as take advantages of the services Peery Academy has to offer!
  Q: Do I have to enter my billing information online?
A: Students may use the ppp service without ever going online. Just return your billing information with your first bill.
  Q: How do I cancel my account with Peery Academy?
A: Sign in. Click on ‘Personal Info’. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to remove yourself from the Peery Academy service. This will also send an email notification to your teacher that you are unsubscribing from the service. You may also submit your cancellation request to Peery Academy in writing (through the mail).
  Q: What if I am charged for something I don’t agree with?
A: The Process Integrity Program ensures that misunderstandings and errors are cleared up with a minimum of hassle. A student can submit a grievance to Peery Academy through its Process Integrity Program. This results in a credit to the student account. Keep in mind that three student grievances with a particular teacher in an 18 month period results in a termination of services with Peery Academy. Peery Academy can not support a business relationship in which a teacher and student consistently fail to be in agreement on the teacher’s fee structure/practices. You will be able to use ppp with your next teacher.
  Studio changes and events
Q: What if I change teachers but still have a credit with Peery Academy?
A: You may use your Peery Academy credit with your next music teacher, or you may request a chargeback onto your credit or debit card.
  Q: What if I switch teachers and I want my new teacher to use Peery Academy?
A: Tell them about us! Have them visit our website. Any teacher interested in running a professional studio will be thrilled at the opportunity to out-source essential business processes. Teachers who just love teaching will appreciate not having to deal with business hassles. Your new teacher will love to learn about Peery Academy.
  Q: Can I view the events of my studio online?
A: Absolutely. One of the services Peery Academy offers is online calendaring. You will have access to your studio’s calendar upon login.
Q: How much does it cost to use the ppp service?
A: Peery Academy bills each quarter according to your teacher’s rates. If you choose to pay in monthly installments, a service fee of 1% of tuition is added.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.
Phone: 1-650-961-7137
Phone lines are open Monday through Saturday 7am-5pm pacific time.

Process Integrity Program
If you feel there has been an error in your payment or billing, email us at
Please include in the body of your email:

    • Teacher's Name
    • Date of item in question
    • Amount
    • Brief explanation
While Peery Academy will always support the student in the grievance process, we consider a teaching relationship that generates three grievances in an 18 month period as a poor fit between teacher and student. We will no longer support this business relationship. In other words, after three grievances, a student will have to find another teacher if they want to continue using Peery Academy.

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