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About Peery Academy

Peery Academy teachers:

  • outsource billing and collections
    Professionals generally have secretaries or billing services to handle the task of billing and collection. Peery Academy offers music teachers a cost-effective way to achieve the same level of professionalism. ppp
  • observe other teachers and are observed every year
    Peery Academy certification is not based on testing against "objective" criteria, but on participation in a system of teacher to teacher observations between studios. audience
  • promote students in competitions and beyond
    Peery Academy has pioneered a symbiotic relationship between local professionals and the hotel industry to provide venues for community performance. Peery Academy also sponsors team music festivals and competitions. audience
  • have brand recognition that extends beyond studio and local community Peery Academy teachers are professionals that are committed, educated, charge a premium for their services, and deliver a value proposition worthy of their fees. They know they carry impact beyond music, into the lives of their students.

Peery Academy is a company dedicated to serving Professional Music Teachers and their students. We are a company founded by music teachers, for music teachers. Each patent, innovation, and service Peery Academy offers furthers the professionalism, capabilities, and offerings of Professional Music Teachers and the music teaching industry.

Peery Academy implements the best business practices of the industry so music teachers can focus on their craft while maintaining a professional studio. Every service Peery Academy offers is designed with the purpose of increasing the professionalism and respect for music teachers and the music teaching industry.

Peery Academy serves music students by offering a consistent, hassle-free payment option for music lessons. Students enrolled in music lessons are busy. Parents of music students are busy. Peery Academy understands this. We know how you value your time. We have made every effort to ensure that using Peery Academy means one less check to write, one less thing to remember.

Thank you for choosing Peery Academy. It is our privilege to serve you.

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The Peery Method makes exceptional piano playing accessible to everyone. Our community of students and teachers are dedicated to piano playing and learning processes that support excellence and possibility.
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